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Mobile Billboard Advertising for Retailers

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Mobile Billboard Advertising

Mobile Billboards are the perfect advertising solution for retailers. To the left are stores and merchandise lines that have discovered our services. Your store could be next!

Advertise Store Grand Openings

With the advantage of mobile advertising, it has never been easier to promote your new store opening. Mobile advertising is ideal for advertising your store to your target customers, the particular towns and neighborhoods that will be near the new store, as well as people who will patronize the store. The more people who find out about your new location, the more likely you are to bring in new customers. Whether you are selling jewelry, cars, books, furniture, or anything else, your mobile ad guarantees your new store will see more customers because more people will become aware of your grand opening.

Publicize Store Closings or Moves

Just as in grand openings, a store closing or location change is an important advertising opportunity for a retail store. You may be having a blow-out sale for a limited time, in which case it is more important than ever to advertise. It is also important to market store location changes, as it is not only an opportunity to target customers around the new store location, but to let returning customers know the store is switching locations.

Market Seasonal Sales

Seasonal sales are common around the holidays, or perhaps a way to bring some excitement and new customers into your store. Don't have a seasonal sale for nothing, make sure the public knows about your sale. A mobile billboard is a great way to draw attention to your limited-time deals and offers.

Advertise Your Merchandise

With our mobile advertisements, retailers can have high-resolution photos of the merchandise. Jewelry and furniture stores are regular users of mobile billboards because they can show off their merchandise with large photos.