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Mobile Billboard Advertising for Labor Unions

Public Awareness Campaign Outdoor Creative Advertisement

Mobile Billboards are the perfect public awareness solution for labor unions. To the left are unions that have discovered our services. Your campaign could be promoted on our billboard trucks next!

Public Awareness Campaigns

With the advantage of mobile advertising, it has never been easier to promote your cause. The more people who see your billboard, the more likely you are to get more people interested and involved in your campaign. Whether your cause is about employee benefits, management disputes, working conditions, employee wages, contract controversy, your mobile ad increases awareness and public support.

Rallies and Protest Advertising

A mobile billboard can be a great addition to a rally or protest your labor union is holding. Labor unions have used our trucks to lead their members in public rallies in support of the cause, as well as accompany picket lines.

Promote your Cause to your Target Audience

Mobile billboards make it easy to get your message to the audience it affects. Whether you are fighting an insurance policy, political referendum, staffing issue, tax policy, or management injustice, the people who will care the most are the ones being affected. Our mobile billboards can guarantee the people who need to see your promotion will see it.