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Mobile Billboard Advertising for Health Insurance

Promote Your Health Insurance Company in Outdoor Creative Advertisement

Mobile Billboards are the perfect advertising solution for health insurance companies. To the left are ones that have discovered our services. Your company could be next!

Health Insurance New Products and Policy Promotion

With the advantage of mobile advertising, it has never been easier to promote a new product or policy in your health insurance company. The more people who see your billboard, the more likely you are to keep your clients, as well as bring in new ones. Because after all, what's the point of having a new product or policy if no one knows about it?

Open Enrollment Season

With companies and individuals being able to make additions or changes to their health insurance policy, annual enrollment is a perfect time to use mobile billboard advertising, as the potential to gain new clients is much greater.

New Health Care Geographic Coverage Areas

When your insurance company expands its coverage area, it is very important to make the new location aware. Mobile advertising is able to target specific areas, and therefore able to make your presence known among the local residents.

Sponsorship of Road Races

Sponsoring a community event, such as a road race, is a great way to gain exposure, as well as help the community. Mobile advertising works very well in these type of events, as the billboard can be relocated to different race locations.